Nov 5, 2012


I would embrace it with you, if I had to, you know I would. All you had to do was ask.
You were fierce in your survival, a beauty in despair of the world, of life - and I was your sunlight, you, my moon, my stars - in your eyes were my own fears - and my dreams - oh those dreams, like nostalgic memories whispered around the warmth of the fire that raged through our souls and brought us to an edge. You were mine, all I had was this and you and the night sky in the humid, loud and desperate summertime and on those nights this plague was ours and this world was his and our words were feverish, our ideas and plans and hurried movements even more so - for the day meant the light and the light meant the man and the man meant the chilling sickness - the sadness of you and I - once loved - now lay still and silenced on a single place of sleep. You were mine, this world ours - and this cold September morning offered us a wet haze and greyness as the clouds mourned an impending tragedy in it's final goodbye. I would embrace it with you - if you asked - and you did. Your words were poison - a dare. Your words were our antidote - a release. Don't you ever leave me.

Models: Chantal Stacey + Megan Crosby
MUA + HAIR: Paula Zim Makeup Artist

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