Sep 24, 2012

Introducing: Courtney Tester

Shooting with people you aren't familiar with for the very first time can be kind of daunting - even more so if you are modelling for the very first time.

When 15 year old Courtney Tester walked into my work (nearly a year ago now) I was stunned by such a young unique beauty that she truly seemed to be unaware of. She still remains to this day - the only person I have chased after with contact details and a request to let me photograph her.

A year later we managed to put something together. How nobody managed to snap her up within that year, I have no idea - but I still stand by the belief that this girl will go far.

Our entire team was made up with 4 girls who had never worked together before - and it was either going to go really well - or terribly wrong. Luckily for us - it was an amazing day filled with sun glittered leaves and a cool river breeze that kept us all awake!

Huge thank you to Ashleigh Pierre for the beautiful makeup and to Andi Throssell for the incredible Styling and Hair (and for being my second pair of eyes for nearly EVERYTHING) - big things to come from both of these girls!

Keep and eye out! x


  1. Just stunning, both the model and the photographer are amazing!

  2. Awesome mix of talent, beautiful images! :)

  3. The fifth photo is breath taking, Courtney I'm so proud of you! I love all the shots! Holly xoxx