Sep 24, 2012

Fluid. State of being.

I was lost.
Tested by what I had believed to be a powerful force that threatened to overthrow my mind. It would drain my sanity and drown my physical being, consumed by vast waters and lost at sea in a wild storm that refused to let me go I gave up hope. To disappear beneath waves and re-submerge in another place, another time, another world where I would once again struggle to stay afloat and breathe - to just breathe. I washed up on the nothing shores of a blank slate and a another birth and everything was calm again, the world around me was in a state of in-between as the winds breathed in and out – in and out – while the water followed the wind like a bird followers the warmth and the fireflies the light, and I tried to get back, I built a raft from flimsy wood, broken off from the ship that failed to get me here, that fell to pieces at the first gentle touch of resistance and I came clambering back onto the beaches of a sleepy mind that welcomed me with open arms and the world was touched by light and glittering pools of salty blue water. It felt alive and it felt free and I stopped fighting. On the beaches of an unknown plot of my own quiet mind, I fell asleep, breathing in and out in unison with the lapping water and I let the sun take me for her own. As I slept I dissolved into pieces and my energy pooled into the sea. The light slipped over the horizon –
- and I became the sky.

Model: Cheyne Buczek
Photographer: Rachel Claire
Photographers Assistant: Ayeisha Brooke

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  1. I actually love this shoot Rach. MERMAN taking his first steps. Keep coming back and looking at it. :)