Sep 3, 2012

Introducing: Cheyne Buczek

I once imagined that some kinds of people were born from the sun. They would hide behind clouds on cold winters days and in the summer time they would burst into life in the afternoon heat... before the sun set in the evening they would climb back into the sky to sleep through the humid night as stars, as we lay in circles pretending we knew their names. I imagined that if I ever met a child of the sun they would be full of color and life - the sunlight would reflect off their skin and shine from their eyes and they would be warm to touch. Sometimes you can tell which people are the sun people if you wait patiently enough. They are the ones with their faces tipped skywards, their eyes closed against the harsh light but open to everything else at the same time. They are the ones with fleeting smiles that laugh softly, whose presence is peaceful and eyes are kind - they are the ones of who say everything without words and could have everything if they wished - but would never wish that because everything means very little indeed.

They are the ones who do not fall - but float gracefully - through life, as our sun friends - as children of the sky.

They are light, and they are love.

Introducing; Cheyne Buczek. A star in the making.

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