Apr 22, 2013

NEW YORK CITY ft. Dylana Suarez 2012

I was lucky enough to spend my 2012 New Years in the big apple. I went back in time from Australia all the way to NYC to spend some time enjoying the festive season.
While I was there I had the absolute pleasure of working with Dylana Suarez who is the beauty behind the stunning blog Color Me Nana . I was unfortunately not 100% healthy while trying to shoot in the sub-zero NYC winter temps, so our shoot was small - but lots of fun :) We spent most of our time around Madison Avenue, while tourists watched us with curious eyes and locals brushed past without a second glance.

Check out the incredible Jett boots designed by Dylana and her equally amazing sister Natalie over at the Modern Vice website. These girls are just amazing.

I think this is possibly the longest it has ever taken me to get a post out - so thank you to everyone involved for being super patient. The last few months have been extremely hectic and I can't wait to get posting again.

Lots of love,
Rachel x

Feb 3, 2013

Ocean Drive

First of all, please let me apologise for not only the wait for this shoot to finally reach this stage - but also for my lack of posts at all over the last month or so. Feeling uninspired (blog post soon) led to a lull in photo activity and blog updates.

Secondly, I want to apologise to the people involved in this shoot and thank them profusely for their patience. A month is a long time to wait for photos, and I'm grateful for you all letting me stay silent for such a long time.

Without further delays, this is Ocean Drive, shot in my hometown and featuring the stunning Chloe Slattery in her first ever shoot - with hair by Keiron Dallman and makeup by the incredible Alexis Gourdis.


Dec 12, 2012

Soft as Sunlight.

      This shoot was supposed to be a quick mini shoot with an old friend Gabrielle Sullivan. We started this shoot initially in the spring - and ran into a bit of trouble when my camera went dead. (good one!)

After working with Claire Hart on my last few shoots - we decided to work together on this one again! Last minute plea's for a makeup artist was answered by Perth MUA Crystal Glow who is responsible for the beautiful makeup in the last 8 photographs.

Due to harsh sunlight and a really overly windy day - we ended up reshooting AGAIN (take 3) two days later with makeup artist Alexis Gourdis (from shoots with Karina White and Georgia Sophie)
However - our after sunlight grainy shots from take two, worked out perfectly.

So this is Soft as Sunlight. About 6 months in the making. Featuring so many of my favorite WA creatives. I'm going to miss you all quite a bit!

Enjoy :)
RR x